Handguns That Shoot Shotgun Shells

Does the thought of a handgun firing shotgun shells sound like science fiction to you? To some it might, but there are a few different handguns which offer the capability to fire shotgun shells instead of traditional ammunition.

Advantages of a Shotgun-Firing Handgun

The main advantage of owning a handgun which fires shotgun ammunition is the spread it creates when fired. If an intruder broke into your home and was threatening you and your family, a shotgun spread will give you a much greater chance at hitting your target. Of course you can use achieve this by using a long-barrel shotgun, but you wont have the maneuverability and compact size of a handgun. Check this out

Smith & Wesson Governor

This is a relatively new handgun offered by the firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson. This multi-caliber six-shot revolver has the ability to fire three very different types of ammunition – .410 shotgun shells, .45 caliber Colt and .45 caliber ACP bullets.

With both .410 shotgun rounds and .45 caliber bullets loaded, you’ll have the ultimate firearm in terms of self-defense. The shotgun rounds provide ultimate spread for close range, while the .45 caliber bullets give greater velocity and stopping power for longer ranges. If you have a mix of .410 and .45 shells loaded, you can easily between the shells by indexing it with your finger.

The Governor handgun weights just under 30 ounces and is made of a Scandium frame with a stainless steel cylinder. This makes it lightweight enough to pick up and carry with ease, as well as durable.

A multi-caliber handgun isn’t an entirely new concept. In fact, there have been several predecessors before the Governor, including the Taurus Judge which was released back in 2007. With their popularity continuing to grow, you can only expect more handguns featuring this ability to be released in future years.

If you’re looking for a firearm for home defense, you really cant go wrong with the Smith & Wesson Governor. It’s ability to fire both .45 caliber bullets and .410 shotgun shells provides the best of both worlds. Even if you just use if for target practice, you’ll find the Governor is an all-around excellent handgun with some pretty amazing and unique features. The only problem is finding this bad boy. With a retail price tag of $649, most dealers and firearm traders sell out of it pretty quickly. I recommend contacting your local firearms dealers and getting your name on the list for when more come in stock. More gun safe review at