How to Use Steam Iron

Clothes that are half dry and rather moist are very good to be smoothed with a steam iron. Unlike when you use ordinary iron, clothes must be completely dry. Still don't know how to use the steam iron properly?

Follow the these easy ways to use the steam iron correctly;'

- Open the tank in the steam iron, then fill it with enough clean water.

- When filling the iron tube with water, you must ensure that the iron is off and not connected to an electric current. This prevents electrical short circuit which can endanger yourself

- Close the tank until it is tight and turn on the steam iron. Set the temperature of the iron according to the clothing maintenance instructions label printed on the clothes to be ironed

- Wait a while until the iron is hot. While waiting for your iron to heat up, place the clothes on the ironing board

- Save clothes with a steam iron. To produce steam, press the evaporation feature so the iron will spray hot steam into the tangled part of the shirt. Do not leave the iron too long on clothes if you don't want it to burn

- After finishing using a steam iron, turn off the electric current from the iron and carefully remove the remaining water from the tank. Let the iron tank open until the inside is dry. Then, store the steam iron in a dry, clean place

- Clothes that are newly ironed with steam irons should be dried first, because the clothes are moist because of the iron steam spray. Store it in the closet if the clothes are completely dry.

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