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Three Casino Twitch Streamers You Need To Watch

Twitch is the number one streaming platform on the planet right now, with countless different games being streamed on a 24/7 basis. Millions of people from around the world tune in to watch their favourite streamers play the latest in console, PC and handheld titles, with the genre often differing from broadcast to broadcast. There is one genre in particular that has been on the rise of late and that’s casino games. With many enjoying watching others play slots and card games, which streamers are the ones to watch in this section right now?


Rocknrollaaaaaa is one of the first names you will probably come across when it comes to streaming casino games on Twitch. He’s a streamer who enjoys slot, roulette, poker and blackjack action and likes to build big bankrolls, while not being afraid to put it all on the line as he goes in search of big wins.

He regularly streams on Twitch and his channel has so far had over 370,000 viewers. There are some great offers for his viewers to take advantage of from 21Casino, LV Bet, and Slot Planet. This is a channel for audiences who want to see a range of games on show and some big wins.


LexVeldhuis is one of the biggest names in casino gaming on Twitch and he’s also a registered partner. With over 90,000 followers so far the professional poker player is live 5 times a week and his channel is superb for anyone who is not only into poker but wanting to hone their own skills and technique too. how to delete paytm account

With over 12 years of pro experience under his belt and the fact that he made it to the top on a global scale both at live events and online, he’s one of the most credible casino game streamers on the planet and not surprisingly one of the most watched too. He can regularly be seen broadcasting as he plays his aggressive style in tournaments, with his biggest win so far exceeding $270,000.


TonkaaaaP like LexVeldhuis is another big entity in the Twitch world when it comes to casino gaming. TonkaaaaP is also a Twitch partner and has a follower count exceeding 70,000. He’s a professional poker player who us currently sponsored by casino giants 888poker and can be seen live on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

As you’d expect, TonkaaaaP is more often than not seen streaming himself playing poker online but he does from time to time enjoy playing other casino games such as blackjack too. Again, like LexVeldhuis, he’s a great streamer to watch if you love poker and play the game yourself. You’ll definitely be able to pick up some tips along the way that could be used to great effect in your own game.

These are the standout three when it comes to casino gaming on Twitch right now. As the genre grows in popularity, more are likely to begin streaming and we could even see more pro players looking to broadcast live as they play in tournaments, which would be great for those who have a keen interest in all things casino. Furthermore, fans of this type of competitive action can click here to enjoy online casino games, and thus appreciate how talented these players really are.


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Looking for Reliable Walkie Talkie Malaysia

In the early day, walkie talkie is widely used in military activities however it is still irreplaceable in many industries and business nowadays.

Walkie talkies don’t have the range or flexibility of mobile phone, but during certain activities are more convenient to use for example the usage of walkie talkie in heavy industries, outdoor festival and events, logistic and warehouses communication, and for security & safety purpose.

Looking for the walkie talkie and services such as telecommunication system integrations, two-way radio walkie-talkies system consultancy, and rental / repairing / servicing of two-way radio walkie-talkies?

You may check this walkie talkie supplier Malaysia.

In brief, the telecommunications equipment services offered are as follow:

  • Supplying and distribution of Two-Way Radio walkie-talkies and accessories.
  • Installing and commissioning of Two-Way Radio walkie-talkies inclusive base, mobile and repeaters stations.
  • After-Sales Services such as servicing, repairing, maintenance.
  • System Integration such as Digital CMCS & IT wireless broadband backbone connection
  • Radio telecommunications & solutions consultancy

7 Advantages Offered by Private Schools


Education plays an integral role in developing a child into an adult. For this reason, many parents are opting to send their children to private girls schools in Melbourne. Private schools foster the individuality of each student by expanding their knowledge, evolving their social skills and nurturing their emotional development. Here are seven of the top advantages offered by private schools.

 Enriched Academic Opportunities

The academic opportunities are endless at private girls schools in Melbourne. Private schools provide an exceptional scope of challenging educational experiences. This includes advanced classes as well as scholarship programs that motivate students to excel in their studies. Many private schools see students consistently scoring high marks in tests and VCE exams, with a high percentage rate of students able to attend the university of their choice.

 Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities can play an integral role in a child’s education. Private schools typically establish a strong focus on sports, music, arts and different clubs. These activities encourage teamwork and boost a child’s self-confidence. Other extra-curricular activities like community service and fundraisers can also establish a child’s independence and teach them to give back to the community.

 Smaller Classes

Private schools in Melbourne have around 15 to 20 students in each classroom – less than public schools. When there are fewer students in a school, this increases the chance for students to receive personalized attention from their teachers. In addition to helping individual students understand their strengths and weaknesses, smaller classrooms mean that teachers can give students longer and more complicated assignments to complete.

 Highly Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

A child’s ability to learn is heavily influenced by the teacher’s ability to teach. Private schools in Melbourne hire dedicated teachers that are passionate about the subjects they teach. They’re fully qualified, and most have advanced degrees in their field. Moreover, due to the smaller classrooms, teachers are more readily available to help and challenge students.

 More Parental Involvement

Private schools make it a priority to involve parents in the school community. Built around open communication between parents and staff, private schools will hold frequent parent-teacher interviews, social events, and fundraising activities. This way, parents can get to know the teachers on a professional level. Open communication with teachers also strengthens the parent and child relationship due to the establishment of honesty and trust.

 Strong Community Environment

Private schools establish a strong sense of belonging through their junior and senior schools. Teachers, students, and families develop and maintain positive relationships, creating a motivating, supportive and nurturing community environment. Furthermore, past students are encouraged to remain in touch with the school after they graduate, with frequent reunions and opportunities to speak to students.

 Shared Educational Perspective

Private schools in Melbourne have a shared perspective on education. They believe a positive, productive and academic environment will best develop a child’s sense of self. Children are therefore able to gain unique skills and build an exceptional level of independence for when they move onto the next phase of their life.   

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