Bad eating habits

It is usually more difficult for a man over 50 to bounce back from eating junk food such as pastries, bucket of wings as well as several beers compared to when he was younger. Bad eating habits like these are bound to take a toll as you get older. Therefore it is important for older men to implement healthy habits in addition to intelligent lifestyle choices that will help in lengthening your lie and even look a few years younger.

Reduce salt intake

A study conducted in 2013 showed that one in ten deaths in the United States are linked to consuming a lot of salt and 60% of these deaths happen to men. Eating excess sodium as well as too little potassium can cause an increase in blood pressure which is one of the contributors to heart disease. You can reduce taking foods that have a lot of sodium such as processed foods and cheese to reduce the risk. Subsequently, you can also add more vegetables and fruits like bananas that will add potassium to your diet.

Increase water intake

Numerous men have the habit of taking soda instead of water when thirsty; however, this habit may pose a great risk to your health in the future. According to a study, an approximated 180,000 mortalities annually are as a result of taking sugary soft drinks. Taking too much soda increases the chances of getting prostate cancer as well as adding weight that consequently increases the chances of getting diabetes. Some people really do not like taking water so you can make it interesting by adding flavor to your water with lemons, berries or a little fizz with carbonated water. Apple peels, red grapes along turmeric are good for the prostate.

Strong bones

Osteoporosis is a condition of losing bone mass after the age of 50 and not only does it happen to women but also men. Taking calcium supplements, probiotics is recommended. An investigation by The Journal of Cellular Physiology discovered that probiotics supplements have the ability of increasing bone mass in male mice; therefore it meant that probiotics have the possibility of curing osteoporosis in the future, furthermore, they also aid in improving digestion. Probiotics can be found in both dairy products as well as fermented foods since they contain active enzymes.

Stay sharp

Old age can also affect your wits and that is why you need to incorporate a “Mind diet” ,foods that will help you with that include whole grains, beans, vegetables, nuts, berries, some fish and chicken. These foods can help in lowering diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Sexual health

You may want to consider cutting back eating pastries if you want a healthy sexual life. Consuming a lot of trans food can lead to clogging of arteries as well as increasing levels of bad LBL cholesterol that may result in erectile dysfunction. Men over 50 should eat healthy fats and protein while reducing refined sugars and trans fat.