Aircon servicing Singapore

Aircon services or commonly known as air conditioning is the basic need of the people nowadays. With the growing global warming, the use of air conditioning is greatly expanding. To save the people from the misery of heat, air conditioning is the one and best solution.

Air conditioning services are provides all over the world by many renowned and well established outlets.  aircon servicing singapore is one of those franchises that provide all the services related to air conditioning. The different services providing by the Singapore includes the following;

  1. Installation of aircons in new houses
  2. Servicing of aircon
  3. Repairing of aircon when required.
  4. Chemical wash of aircon after long term usage.
  5. Cleaning of aircon as required.
  6. Aircon gas top up.

Apart from providing all the above mentioned services, aircon servicing franchises also provide complete maintenance of the installed aircons after a specific duration or interval. The hours of service are usually flexible and can be adjusted according to the desired time that seems feasible for the customer so that it does not disturb the daily routine work. Such aircon servicing outlets are highly experienced in their work and provide capable and experienced technicians in order to repair or maintain the aircon or even for the installation of new aircons so that there might not be any trouble later on. The aircon servicing is required time to time for the aircon to work efficiently without causing problems for the owner. In order to prevent any such circumstances in the future and suffering from terrible heat of summer it is necessary the aircon must be maintained within specific intervals by experienced and trained technicians. In addition to the services provided by the aircon servicing, it is necessary to keep in view that all the services being obtained from these servicing franchises in Singapore should have reasonable charges. It must not be too expensive that a particular number of people could not afford the services. Moreover, care must be taken if the services of repair, maintenance and installation are provided at a cost much lower than the usual charges as they may be responsible for providing incomplete or inappropriate servicing and do more harm than good.

Most of the aircon servicing departments in Singapore can be contacted by using the contact numbers provided by the servicing staff. In addition to this, different types of servicing contracts can be taken.

Want to do your own Air Conditioning Servicing?

Want to do your own Air Conditioning Servicing?

Like many home owners, air conditioning is an essential part of our daily life. Many of us, especially in Singapore, with temperatures averaging 31 degrees, it is hard to get by without an air conditioning. It is a norm in Singapore to use our aircon every night.

With more usage comes higher maintenance!

Many of us love using our air conditioning but often neglect cleaning them since most air conditioning are placed high above the ceiling and having to climb to reach them often is a chore. That being said, below are some points which we feel might motivate you to do your own aircon servicing singapore the next time you clean your home.

1) Clean Air Conditioning Saves Electricity

We get that many of you might have already invested in a 5 tick air conditioning but still, if your aircon is clean, you can maximise the savings! Just image, a dirty aircon, with dust accumulated on the filters and fan coil, will need to work harder to cool your room. That is also the reason why you constantly need to lower the temperature after some months of usage to enjoy similar coolness!

2) A Cleaner Air Conditioning Produces Cleaner Air

As per mention above, after prolong usage of your aircon, dust and dirt starts accumulating on both the fan coil and filters. Most of us use our aircon in an enclosed area which means, we breathe whatever air that is produced by our air conditioning and a dirty aircon might produce unclean air.

3) By Maintaining Your Aircon, You Can Prolong The Lifespan

Like all electronics, our air conditioners will also break down after a prolong usage. An average of 5-7 years is what most of us are comfortable with before the need arises to change a new air conditioner. To ensure that our aircon achieve the intended lifespan, constant maintenance is necessary. By oiling the parts replacing any wear and tear, you can expect your aircon to live longer and beyond.

Steps Home Owners Can Take To Self-Maintain Your Aircon

1) Clean Filters Once A Month

Most Air conditioning have their filters easily accessible. By opening the top of your aircon, you can easily remove and clean the filters. While cleaning your filters, please remember to be gentle with it as the filters are fragile and are easily damage

2) Vacuum Your Fan Coil Once Per Quarter

Once you have your filters removed, the fan coil will be visible to you. Use a portable vacuum to gently suck out any visible dust. Do not exert too much force on the fan coil as damaging it can be costly to repair

3) Wipe the blower and fins Once Per Month

Since it would be difficult to remove the blower for many home owners, we recommend using a wet cloth to wipe areas that your fingers can reach at the fins and blower area. Gently use your fingers to run through the areas and avoid breaking any of fins!

Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

Chemical washing is the process of using industrial grade chemicals to flush out any dirt and dust accumulated on the fan coil. It is necessary to remove the fan coil from the wall mount to ensure thorough cleaning is done.
Apart from chemical washing your fan coil, most aircon technicians will use an electronic pump to clear your aircon drain pipe to avoid any clogs that may accumulate in it.

It is recommended to get a professional to assist in this area to avoid any complications. Leave the hard work to the experts.


Digital Door Lock

Digital Door Lock Singapore

Samsung digital door lock is one of the most popular brands in Singapore. It is widely used in most homes ranging from HDB , Condo, Apartment and Landed Housing.

It comes with high safety features packed with components such as finger print reader, card access and mobile application. It’s design is beautiful crafted with a touch of modern and elegant design with its price, at an affordable entry range making it One Of the Best Sellers in Singapore

With a wide selection of digital door lock from Samsung digital lock to choose from, you can easily match your preferred digital lock design for both your home and office. Each of these are digital lock is highly secure and pin can be easily set to allow easy access to your visiting relative and family members without the need to rush home to purposely open the door which often is a hassle.

At HD Door, we carry a wide variety ranging from rim type, deadbolt and mortise option to choose from that best fit your budget

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