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Game Killer is a hack tool that lets users hack a variety of games without needing to root. The app has seen regular updates since its creation, and it currently has around eight hundred games in its database. Unlocking cheats and mods for these games is as simple as downloading the app and selecting the hacks you want to use.

Bear in mind that some developers might take a strong position against you using Game Killer, since the app subverts elements of game design and gives you the ability to do things that many players would consider cheating. If the game you’re looking to modify is an offline app, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However, if you’re playing an online multiplayer game like Clash of Clans, know that if you’re caught using Game Killer your account could very well be suspended.

The next screen will show the list of supported games. From here, you can scroll to the game you want to modify or use the search feature. Once you select your game, a new menu will pop up that displays all the cheats available for that game. These will vary widely depending on the kind of game you’re wanting to modify, but they can range from unlocking features and levels to unlimited gold.

First, simply download the Game Killer .APK from website ( Game Killer isn’t accessible from the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” on the Security menu of your phone’s settings. It’s probably not a bad idea to check out the tutorial and FAQ that Game Killer has provided. Since Game Killer contains data relevant to close to a thousand games, it’s a pretty hefty app. You might want to download it via a wifi network rather than use your mobile data.

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