Where to Find the Best College Student Discount for Gadgets and Tech

College Student Discounts

There are particular things you could only get away with in colleges such as eating burritos in the morning, noon and evening. However, more importantly, your degree-earning years are the ones in which you can enjoy the wide array of college student discounts of the world.

The fun does not stop with those cheap movie tickets at the corner, either. Not just is there a lot of free things online to explore, there are also a plethora of online discounts and deals for a college student like you. Whether you need a new software, a computer or simply mobile apps or even a phone case like a Note 9 Case from Amazon you want to use, save some cash on your purchase by getting a college student discount if you use of your student ID.

Following are the ones you must definitely be cashing in on.


Receive 10% discount off your final order if you make an online purchase from Panasonic.

  • DELL

Every college student can receive’s best price on computers which include 30 days price match guarantee. Not bad, right?


You can instantly save at least $60 on tablets and smartphones through this company. If you want to take advantage of the offer, call in today.


On the other hand, Squarespace offers students receive 50% off their first year’s subscription. In case you didn’t know yet, Squarespace is a website building platform.


You can enjoy savings at least 60 percent from the Creative Cloud apps of Adobe. That includes Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and more, for $19.99 per month for a college student. What’s more, that is only 60% off the standard price! Not too grungy, isn’t it?


Receive 25% off the retail cost on student computers at Lenovo if you use a Student Advantage card.


Are you looking for a student software discount? There’s no need to worry because Microsoft got you covered! The worldwide company provides a 10% price reduction on chosen products.


Did you know that Best Buy provides a Student Deals Program? Yes, you read that right. After you sign up to their website, you will receive coupon codes instantly. You can already use that coupon either for in-store or online for huge savings.


Those newly accepted college students, as well as their parents, are qualified for the education pricing of Apple. This deal offers a discount on essential tablets and laptops.


Amazon Prime offers students a 6 months free trial as well as 60% off a membership after their trial expires.

Don’t Stop Searching for College Student Discounts

If you want some news, you can hit up the education pricing of New York Times or the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal if you want. You can also rock out with Hulu and Spotify for a low price. Apple Music also offers college student discounts.

You need to bear in mind that tech corporations love offering students deals on gadgets. With this stores willing to offer you discounts, your college experience doesn’t need to be that difficult on your parent’s pocket.