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How To Give Away Baby Furniture And Clothes You’ve Finished With

 Babies outgrow their belongings in double quick time and it is not possible to buy something that would last in use till an infant grows into a baby and a baby into a toddler and a toddler into a child and a child into a teen and then into an adult.

Everything we buy for use would last a specific period in the life cycle from infant to adult but once becoming an adult thing could last longer.

If parents of a baby do not plan to have another baby or if they have had the children they desire and would like to now raise their family keeping items not being used would also be a daunting task especially in modern times where space restrictions are the order of the times and.

The next thing would be for you to decide whether you would intend selling them or giving it over for charity, either way it is prerogative and you are entitled to your own decision.

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Selling them off

Some parents to make ends meet could resort to selling off the infant, baby and toddler items that their charges have outgrown.

The money could be used to buy other items that could be used depending on the age of their children which wouldn’t be a bad move, especially in these difficult economic times.

You could organize a “Garage Sale” to dispose the items you think should be given away and generally it is held in your garage or garden and notices could be posted on the supermarket boards and even small advertisements in local newspapers would get the word across to those who would like to get their hands on useable baby items as these could be quite expensive to buy new. 


The Freecycle Network (TFN)

A nonprofit organization that would accept useable items, even if they for infants and children which would give it to charities to disburse among such children.

There has been some controversy dogging this organization and whether this is a good move has to be assessed but there are many other deserving places where they would take the responsibility to ensure that everything collected by them would reach the most deserving.

The Freecycle Network was founded on the premise as a nonprofit organization and the litigation it had to face due to some unforeseen acts by some got them into unnecessary problems.



The most popular social network with its tentacles spread far and wide across the globe. There are ample opportunities with many charitable organizations and social groups that would help to give away baby and toddler furniture and clothes that would be channeled to deserving children anywhere. Using Facebook for nonprofits like this has become popular in today’s world as well.

Most charitable organizations have a Facebook page and they can be easily accessed and arrangements made to give away any items you would like to dispose of.

Selecting the one you would like to give them away and doing it would be one way of giving thanks to the one above.


Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

Facebook for nonprofits

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