How to Filter Emails by Keywords

One great way to avoid getting distracted by emails or make it easier for you to manage them is by creating filters. A lot of email users don’t know, but you can actually turn on powerful filtering options to automate some of the actions concerning your emails.

Most email software has this option, but if you don’t like their filtering abilities, you can use other applications such as the premium email tool offered by There are great programs you can use to strain emails by keywords or other criteria that makes managing it a lot easier for you.

But if you are okay in using the existing options of your email client such as Gmail, this article helps you do it. Check out below some tips on how to filter emails by keywords and other criteria for your Gmail and Outlook email accounts.

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Creating Filter in Gmail

In Gmail, you can create a filter by opening your inbox and then clicking the little arrow icon located on the right side of the search box. When you click it, an advanced search box will be revealed where you can specify the attributes you’re looking for in the emails.

In the bottom right corner of the box, you will see the link ‘Create filter with this search.’ All you need to do is specify whatever keywords or criteria you want, and with that, you already have a filter for the emails.

Creating Filters in Outlook

Outlook is the new email brand of Microsoft which used to be a desktop program that is also now available to the web. If your choice of email client is, it is easy to set up some filters by clicking your inbox then selecting any messages there as well.

Upon opening an email, find the small three-dot menu located on the right side of the top bar and click it. It will show a drop-down menu and from there, choose ‘Create rule.’ In creating a filter in Outlook, you will need to give a name to it.

The fields that follow this will be filled automatically, so you don’t have to worry about those. They get filled based on the message that you clicked before. But if you want to start fresh, you can do it by just clicking the X icon.

There are many conditions asked in Outlook, but it gives you plenty of options in straining your emails. For instance, there is the category ‘It includes these words’, and in there, you can select some conditions for how your emails will be filtered.

Filters by Keywords

In Outlook and Gmail, you don’t precisely filter the emails by keywords but mostly by the subject, sender address, etc. Well, you can probably strain the emails by keywords in the subject area, but some email converters or applications can do the trick better.

You can find some email software to have the options of filtering emails based on the keywords you input in the criteria. With this function, it will be easier for you to stop receiving unwanted emails and keep only the important ones.