Molino Stewart Re-Launches Floodplain Manager Newsletter as a Blog on their Website

Molino Stewart is an internationally regarded Flood and Natural Hazard consultancy, and they recently relaunched their internationally distributed Floodplain Manager newsletter, which now appears as a blog on the Molino Stewart Website.

For those unfamiliar with Floodplain Manager, it is a monthly newsletter allowing Floodplain Management experts from around the globe to be updated on significant projects and initiatives in floodplain management that are happening in Australia and the rest of the world.


Prior to the relaunch on the Molino Stewart website, Floodplain Manager was only available to a list of 800 subscribers, mainly environmental and ecological consultants working in natural hazard consulting and floodplain management, but now anyone can read the publication online  by going to

A little bit about the history of Floodplain Manager, the first ever edition was released in 2005 as an 8-page A4 journal distributed to about 100 subscribers in Australia. In 2012, it became a digital newsletter and was emailed to almost 800 subscribers worldwide. This latest development in Floodplain Manager now sees it as a blog on the Molino Stewart website, available to anyone, as detailed above.

Steven Molino is the original and current editor of Floodplain Manager. He is also the Managing Director of Molino Stewart. He has been a consultant working in natural hazard mitigation and management for nearly three decades. His experience in floodplain management began in 1991 when he was hired to carry out an environmental impact evaluation on Warragamba Dam, which is the primary source of water for Sydney, a city with 4.4 million people.

When doing the Warragamba Dam assessment back in 1991, Steven Molino realized that the environmental challenges with the potential to impact flooding in the vicinity of the dam were complex and that just avoiding the dam from weakening wouldn’t be enough to avoid flood impacts to people residing in the region closest to the dam, i.e. people living in the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley.  

The original plan he oversaw proved decisive, and over the years his firm Molino Stewart has been called upon to contribute to the resolution of many complex floodplain management issues in Australia like:

  • Looking for ways to reduce the impact of flooding
  • Creating and putting in practice flood warning systems
  • Analyzing evacuation capabilities of many areas within zones which are prone to flooding.
  • Developing emergency response plans
  • Educating people on what to do when floods are about to happen when they are caught up and are not able to evacuate.

Due to the specialized skills involved in floodplain management and his vast experience, Steven Molino is in-demand at national and international discussions regarding floodplain management issues. To find out more about the new format for publishing Floodplain Manager or the editor Steven Molino, please visit the Molino Stewart Website.