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Testosterone booster supplement

How Testosterone booster supplement Works

In the 1970's and early 1980's testosterone became widely used among athletes... especially body builders and Olympic athletes from Eastern Europe. The athletic trainers had discovered that testosterone enhanced performance, increased energy and greatly effected endurance. Athletes using testosterone and other "performance enhancing substances" had an unfair advantage over the everyone else. Even though they banned the use of these substances in competition, athletes continue to use them worldwide.


Testosterone booster supplement was developed out of the many years of research and technology focused on athletic performance. Researchers noticed that when applied topically, testosterone cream not only enhanced athletic performance in women, but greatly improved their sex drive. Study after study has shown that increased testosterone levels in women will greatly impact their passion, libido, genital responsiveness and lust.

Product Information: Testosterone booster supplement is an androgen saturated transdermal gel that helps men increase stamina and improves libido and sexual pleasure in women.!

Directions For Use: Rub a little dab of Testosterone booster supplement on her forearm 45 minutes before your desired sexual activity. For added pleasure rub a little on his forearm as well.

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