Penis Pumps


The revolutionary new techniques used by Hydromax involve balancing water pressure in such a way that your penis is never forced into unsafe zones of pressure. 

Once the cylinder of the device fills up with water, it is positioned and then sealed at the base. You compress the pump in order to expel the water. Once you do this, the correct amount of volume and area is created inside the cylinder, developing into a safely balanced environment for growth.

After water pump is compressed, the non-return valve closes, preventing water from returning to the cylinder. The gaiter then expands, trying to return to the original volume. This triggers your member to expand in order to replace the volume of expelled water.

One unique feature of this system is that it comes equipped with Confort Pad which allows you to use 35% more power so you are able to see results 65% faster than if you use standard pumps. 

Have men seen better results using Hydromax x-series Pumps?

Yes, according to customer reviews, many men have experienced outstanding results after using one of the newly-styled pumps. Patented, the Hydromax x-series pumps were designed to correct all of your erection problems while also enlarging your penis. If you wondered why you needed 35% more suction power, it is to deliver faster and improved results. 

Another way Bathmate ensured that these pumps would work more effectively is by enlarging the size of the internal bellows and decreasing the number of convolutes. These new modifications help you increase the girth of your penis.