Why are storage unit businesses going off the roof?

According to research by the Self Storage Association of America, most industry veterans estimate that there are about 44,000- 52,000 self-storage properties currently in operation in the United states. This is about 75% of the total population of self-storage units in the world. The United states has an estimated 2.6 billion square feet of self-storage, according to the Self Storage Association. That’s about 8.1 square feet per person, and that’s expanding.

The reason for this boom from the 1970’s and 1980’s seems to be varied depending on the customer, but there are certain prevalent features that make the storage industry a go-to place for a large population of Americans. In this post, we will be discussing these widespread traits seem to favour storage businesses.

storage units population

  1. Business

With the internet boom and the rapid growth of online businesses, it is safe to say that storage units are getting busier. Clients use these storage units to keep goods and supplies that have been shipped in and temporarily need accommodation.

  1. Migration

An alarming number of people are moving these days.

A survey showed that when asking customers their reasons for using storage units, 54% of them said it was because they were relocating. Reasons for relocating range from finding a new business, to getting a divorce.

  1. Temporary storage

In a survey, 14% of people use self-storage as a means of putting storage temporarily. An example can be that of a college student who is going home for the summer, it may not be ideal to take all luggage and personal effects back home especially when school is so far. Self-storage helps to provide a means to keeping items temporarily and prevent the unnecessary stress of heavy lifting and moving.

  1. Work

When people are posted to work in distant places, sometimes, they rent their homes and try to earn extra. They have to move their personal items somewhere for safe keeping and taking them to a relative’s place just creates an unnecessary burden of said relatives. This is where storage units Fort Lauderdale comes in. It offers a safe place at an affordable price for customers; this ensures the continuity of self-storage businesses.

  1. Extra space

Modern society has unofficially promoted excesses, the latest of gadgets, clothes, shoes, and other wears as well as recent updates in modern technology have indirectly affected the way we purchase. We buy more than we need before realising that we have more than we can keep up with. This is why people resort to keeping things that they are not willing to discard in storage units. It is an easy way to throw away stuff while not discarding them forever.

The central factor that joins all these points together is CHANGE. Things are changing, trends are changing, people are moving, re-marrying, divorcing, changing jobs and changing schools. As long as there is change, there will always be room for storage units Fort Lauderdale; there will always be business.