‘STUDY’, this is the primary word that scares the ghost out of most of the students. It doesn’t matter if you are a school student, university student, or someone perusing their PhD in any institute, studying is undeniably the core feature of learning and completing your education.
Every institute has exams that helps them to evaluate your ability to take in the teaching per grade. And for that same reason it is mandatory to study and memories the curriculum and subjects you are been taught very day. When coming to a higher level of education you will also need to make research papers, research proposals, etc. adding to your study time. Lot of work right.
Many people, especially students have found out about a lot of hacks that are help full but might be effective for someone and might be ineffective to someone. It’s true: not all methods work for every person, but, with a little bit of trial-and-error, you can find the methods that work for you and stick with them like your life depends on it. Or, at least, like your grades do.
While nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work, every little bit helps when it comes to increasing your efficiency in college (because we know it can be overwhelming at times). Worry not I have got you few hacks that are scientifically proved to help.

  • Use Chewing gum: The act of chewing gum is actually a brain booster. And, since there aren’t severe side effects (like there can be with caffeine) chomping on your favorite flavor is a great study aid. Scientists aren’t exactly certain why chewing gum helps you focus, but they think it’s based on the act of chewing waking us up and keeping us focused.
    The only down side is that it doesn’t last. It will help, but for shorter periods of time, so save this hack for the harder parts of your material.

  • Focus: Sometimes, you’re your own worst enemy. You can literally block yourself from getting distracted by websites, email or anything else computer-related with the apps.

  • Use apps: You’re probably aware that there are more student apps than you could ever need or want – choose one or two that suit your study needs and utilize them.If you feel they aren’t working for you, try out some other apps on the app store.

  • Do online research: Search outside study resources via the web. Google your subject – there are often great resources from other colleges that may have practice quizzes, for example. If you need essay writing help you can search essay writing help that will lead you to many websites and contents like essay writers uk, write my essay, etc. Or, you can search directly on YouTube to get visual and audio assistance for any subject or matter.

  • Spice up your notes: This idea stems from mind mapping concepts, which are basically thought diagrams, said to be much more effective in terms of learning than text-based notes. You can easily remember key concepts, sequences and whatever else you need to learn by creating your very own relatable story. Come up with something you know you can remember and stick with it. It will actually help!
    Organize your materials, categorizing them by subject or chapter. This will help you sort the material by subject matter, visualizing which aspects go together.

  • Use small sheet notes: It can help to memories very effectively, you’ll need to go through all of your notes and materials to find the key items and rewrite them on your sheet. Doing so helps you recognize what you need to learn, and rewriting what you need to learn helps you remember it.

  • Teaching: Teach someone else the material you’re trying to learn. Teaching someone else is such an effective way for you to better understand the material, plus, you’ll earn karma points for helping out a classmate who needs a little extra help!

Teaching is the best test (before the actual test) to know whether or not you know the concepts. In the end you will surely be able to study easily using one of these process, One or more will surely be helpful to you.