Finding The Best Maid Agencies In Singapore

With many city dwellers having to work long hours and leaving little time for family much less taking care of home chores, more and more people are looking for domestic helpers for help.

We go through the ways to find the best maid agencies in Singapore and where to find these agencies to compare and contrast their reviews.

EA Directory In Singapore

In Singapore, you can use the government’s site MOM Employment agencies and personnel search (EA Directory).

You can use the EA Directory to find good maid agencies that match your needs, check the agencies’ service quality and performance, and shortlist and compare different employment agencies.

Factors taken into account

What are the governing metrics when it comes to rating a good maid agency? Here are the factors that were taken into account when choosing the trusted maid agency in Singapore.

  • Experience of maid agencies: In general, the more experienced they are, the more systems and checks they have in place and the higher the chance of you finding reliable, good domestic helpers.
  • Placement volume over a given period: Placement Volume is the number of FW work passes approved for the agency within a year. The greater the placement volume, the more businesses the agency is involved with.
  • Transfer rate: Transfer rate is the percentage of FDWs placed by the agency who has transferred to 3 or more employers within a year. There can be many reasons for an agency to have a high transfer rate.
  • Maybe the company is not offering high-quality maids. Or, they are unable to match employer requirements. Either way, you’re most probably looking for a helper whom you can’t rely on, right?Overall, it is better to opt for the maid agency with a low FDW transfer rate which is ideally less than 1.5%.
  • Retention rate: Retention rate is the percentage of FDWs placed by the agency who have stayed with the same employer for at least 1 year.
  • Ratings and reviews: There are many sources to compare reviews. SGHomeNeeds provides a directory of the best maid agencies in Singapore, and EA directory has their own too.
  • Demerit points: These points are issued when the agency violates any of the rules in the Employment Agencies Act.

Questions to ask maid agencies

Here are a few good questions to ask your agencies before hiring them, they are:

  • Years in Business: How long has the agency been operating? In general, the longer they operate, the better off you are hiring with them as they have experienced many incidents and can provide the best advice and service to you.
  • Are they a licensed maid agency?: Maid agencies in Singapore must be licensed in order to operate.
  • Do you provide any social activities for maids supplied by your agency?: Some agencies do provide social activities for maids. An example is ECTC Caregiver’s Course, where caregivers can upgrade their caregiving skills such as learning practical information during the care-giving process, from taking care of the elderly’s daily personal hygiene routines to developing solutions to medical emergency situations.

Coupled with online reviews and stats, you also need always interview the agencies directly by asking them the right questions. Speaking to the staff and owner will get you a feel of the service you are getting.