Are You Considering Couples Therapy?

Have you ever had a bad day at work or school and told your partner about what happened, only to feel worse? Or have you wondered if your partner is more than just passionately possessive? Or have you personally felt like you both are speaking different languages?

It might be hard to break-up with one another after so many years, but if you and your partner are genuinely interested in working things through the relationship, then couples therapy can be your answer. 

It might be time for you and your partner to seek couples therapy, of course before you head out to services such as Naya Clinics, here are 5 signs that you and your significant other need couples therapy.

  • Passive-aggressive behavior

When you are afraid of losing your partner or have difficulties in expressing your emotions to them it often mutates into this form of bad communication, passive-aggressiveness. According to research, passive-aggressive behavior stems from the lack of emotional support and possibly intimacy issues which leads to being emotionally closed with your partner. 

Have there been any milestones such as moving in? Marriage? A major relocation occurred? If so any form of significant stress can cause a rift in relationships. Problems with adaptation are subtle, as long as you and your partner are willing to asses the situation and receive treatment.

Perhaps when you first started dating those small little things your partner did were cute or just subtly annoying are becoming more significant issues. Clear communication is always the key when it comes to problem-solving, but perhaps there are issues within the relationship that both of you are unaware that lead to the consistent fighting over the same issue.

When there is a lack of trust that leads to you and your significant other to continually bicker, it becomes a sign of trust issues. The root of intimacy is trust, without this baseline of being able to trust each other in a non-sexual way, there is going to be a fundamental lack of chemistry when it comes to sex.

  • Lack of communicating emotions

Communicating emotions has always been tricky, many of us are not equipped to express our emotions adequately without sounding like we intend to hurt one another. However, this lack of communication can lead quickly to blaming each other during times of heavy emotional stress. It might even seem random to your partner, leading them to not only be more emotionally hurt but possibly closing the door to emotional vulnerability and intimacy with your partner even further.

Whatever your problems or problem you might have with your relationship know that,

couples therapy is not a signifier of giving up on a relationship, the fact that many see this behavior within their marriage or relationship and choose to work towards their growth with one another is commendable. After all, if both you and your partner consent and are willing to work through the problems in the relationship is only a sign that you are still genuinely in love and care about another to continue growing.