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Hurdle Strength

To have a Hurdle strength you need a lethal combination of speed, flexibility and power.

Until now, there were not many options for training specifically for the hurdles. You had to settle for a ‘sprinters’ workout – but not anymore.

I know your time is valuable – do you really want to waste even one more minute on the Internet scouring through millions of pages of never-ending scientific mumbo-jumbo and lots of ‘theories’, only to be left without an actual sample weight loss exercise plan for you to follow?

What good are fitness ‘tips’ and ‘articles’ that don’t provide real usable workouts you can begin following right away? Or worse, articles that give generic advice like ‘just run for 20 minutes’!

My name is Ryan Lee and I am a fitness expert who was fed-up with the bull and wanted to give you something more. I brought together the world’s elite fitness experts to create the Workoutpass Network of sites. We went on a mission to eliminate time-wasting clutter and give you what you really want: A complete workout system created specifically for serious hurdlers.

You’ll have instant access to tens of thousands of workouts. And when we say ‘workouts’ we mean actual ‘WORKOUTS!’

We cut out all the theories, all the BS and all the fluff. You are left with the real meat — the complete workout! We make it brain-dead simple for you to get results-driven workouts.


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