Thanks again man. Based on your own recommedations an what I’ve read on it I think I WILL give Testosterone Booster a stry - I would even have sent back my Erase (if possible) and ordered LX now if it were available I hope you let us know when it’s back in stock.

Yeah the reason I shy away from DAA is, like you said, it increases the Estro conversion. So even though yes, taking Erase should help with that, I’m still very “cautious” with that. But since you’ve described it as something that should actually help the HPTA then I guess I’ll need to give it a second look one day…..

I’ve done hormone tests before for Testosterone Booster, Test and Estradiol; I can’t quite remember the results, but I think they were “within range” or “ok” from a “clinical” or rather “statistical” point of view… other words, I don’t believe the levels were “optimal”. (I had seen a Nurse Practitioner at my University’s campus; haven’t had the results looked at by an MD per se though). I hope Erase will do SOMETHING good for me and it’s not a complete waste of money -and then I can try LX. And *maybe* one day I try DAA….

Thanks again for the work you’re doing here!