The luxury ayahuasca retreats you need to know

The spirit of Ayahuasca heals who are ready and guides everyone to be able to face our difficulties. It allows us to understand the harmonious relationship with Mother Nature, with other beings and with the Universe, as well as to reconcile ourselves with our existence. The indigenous people who use the brew say with the spirit of the luxury ayahuasca retreats you will see and understand the process better.

Ceremonies and Rituals with Luxury Ayahuasca retreat.

Within the traditional contexts of the use of Ayahuasca, there are specific requirements to participate in a ceremony. The first is diet, which must be done before and after the intake of Ayahuasca. You should not eat red meat and especially pork. Alcoholic beverages should not be taken seven days before the ritual. Also, at that time, sexual abstinence should be practiced.

Process for Retreats

This process involves the preparation of the body. Before ingesting Ayahuasca, people have to go through a process of physical, mental and spiritual purification through purges with treatment plants and baths with aromatic plants. The ceremonies of Ayahuasca are done at night. Darkness causes a deep action in the body, emotions, mind and the spirit, allowing us to confront, and overcomes our deepest fears. Hence, revitalize vital energies and awaken a higher level of consciousness. The idea is to open the way to our "inner teacher." The ceremony begins a relationship with spirituality that will last a lifetime. Ayahuasca does not produce any dependency; instead, it cures cocaine additions and alcoholism. The magic plant Ayahuasca contains natural chemical compounds capable of provoking intense visions and sharply sensitizing the senses. These and other effects lead to human consciousness to unprecedented mental states,

Ayahuasca as Medicine.

The Ayahuasca serves as medicine for the person to become aware of their problems in their real significance. By drinking the Ayahuasca, that is, by planning the mystical totalizing experience, we can influence at will the very essence of our most special personality, perfecting it in favor. From the ceremonies with Ayahuasca can also be conceived the physical healing of some diseases. It gives health and well-being, vitality and energy.

States Triggered At the Luxury Retreat

Moreover, the following is a description of some of the connection states, mystical and spiritual, provoked by the teacher Ayahuasca: Introspection and regression? When a person ingests Ayahuasca, he goes through a process of reflection on his being, which is considered the examination of the soul by itself (self-contemplation, recognition of the evolution of our nature). Regression. - At the Ayahuasca ceremony, a person can remember past phases of life to solve conflicts,  which allows you to connect and recognize yourself better.

Besides, the contents of forgotten experiences return to consciousness as a true revive. In this way, the tensions or conflicts in our being are diluted, and restructuring and healing of the personality take place. Magical religious experience. - Ascension to heaven (to the divine) through a quite spiritual recognition. Furthermore, the inspirational experience which increases receptivity and mystical communion with the entire universe. Super cosmic awareness, omniscient intellectual illumination. These mental manifestations are intermingled during the luxury ayahuasca retreats, although with the minority of them, but also, each experience with Ayahuasca is different from the other.