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Business ideas are not easy to come by, while everyone wants to invest and make an extra source of income, how to do it is the trick. One of the popular industries today in the United States is storage. The increasing need for storage facilities in local areas and cities is spreading across America. The American buying behavior and attachment to property largely influence need for extra storage space. Either you are holding items close to your heart, which you can’t let go despite advancement in technology that renders them obsolete or you are keeping items for future use.

Here is what you should consider to establish a rental storage facility.

storage facility


Storage facilities cannot be located anywhere; specify your target market and needs before settling on a place. Neighborhood has everything to do with security and accessibility. Some areas just don’t have good roads or are considered insecure. Also, people tend to live according to social classes; in this case, income levels. Social class determines the value and overall types of goods hence a basis of your construction. Storage units near me are all of the same kind because they target the neighborhood.

If you intend to store farm produce or perishables because of the economic activity of people in the neighborhood or proximity to an airport, you must invest in refrigeration facilities to customize your units. Type of goods common in a neighborhood also determines the size of units you will build.

Neighborhood hints on the demand and profit level if you set up a business in the area. Do not invest in a multi-million facility, which will lead to high rental rates on consumers that neighborhood cannot afford. Proper analysis and evaluation of a neighborhood hints on capability of a target market. While your target should be wide enough to international markets, charity begins at home.

Feasibility study

Apart from location and hints on rates and capability of the target market in terms of rates, it is important to engage a professional. Assumption and abstract research should be no basis of a rental storage facility. Let a professional undertake a feasibility study. I would begin with storage units near me to get a picture of what consumers expect and are used to. The study is not to match up or lower your standards; this is for familiarity. You don’t want to set up an irrelevant facility. Maybe people in the neighborhood do not need a storage facility or they have had unpleasant experiences with previous companies.

Profit making

After undertaking a comprehensive study around competitors and consumers, it is time to make your calculations. How much are you willing to invest? How much do you target as profit? The primary goal of setting up any business is making profits; therefore, do not compromise and lose your lifetime savings on an unprofitable endeavor.