TestoGen Review -


The introduction of Viagra and other prescription erectile dysfunction medications has really changed the sexual landscape for aging men or any man with performance issues. Sex is of such importance to a happy life and relationships and now aging men do not have to see their libido decline or their performance dwindle.

However, with the invention of these sexual boosters came a barrage of natural alternatives. Many of these natural alternatives do not work and it can be increasingly difficult to find the right testosterone booster for you. TestoGen claims to be an effective natural alternative to Viagra that works quickly and effectively. The testosterone booster will supposedly increase your blood flow and sexual appetite.

When trying to find the right testosterone booster for you, it is important to look at the customer reviews but even more important to carefully examine the ingredients. Check out both of these below to find out if TestoGen could be the all natural testosterone booster that you are looking for.

Expert and Customer Reviews

The reviews online are mostly negative. Overall, men were not impressed by the results that they saw from their use of TestoGen. Some men had positive experiences but the majority was not happy with their purchase.

Money Back Guarantee

You should always make sure that your testosterone booster comes with a money back guarantee because so many of the products on the market are scams. TestoGen does not have any kind of return policy. They don’t even offer a return policy for unopened packages. This is never a good sign

Quality Ingredients

The ingredient profile of TestoGen is just okay. It is missing some of the key ingredients that most effective testosterone and sexual boosters have in their formula such as L-Arginine, Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed.


Other ingredients like cordyceps and maca root are thought to have sexual boosting benefits but are not proven to give concrete results. The bottom line for this formula is that it does not get me overly excited.