TestoGen Review


Men of all types have problems performing. One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is aging and the loss of high testosterone levels. Other men have heart or blood pressure related conditions which also disqualify them from using prescription ED medications.

Most men however simply have bad health habits. Excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes can lower you libido and blood flow. Bad diets are also a big cause of ED. Eating too much food that is high in fats or sugar can reduce your ability to perform and obesity is a common cause of ED.

Whatever the source of your performance issues, TestoGen claims to help. TestoGen supposedly will work much faster than normal testosterone boosters because of the cutting edge absorption technology. TestoGen is absorbed in your mouth through the blood vessels under your tongue. This allows for ultra fast absorption.

While absorption under the tongue or sub-lingual administration is faster, it is also known to possibly cause tooth decay and discoloration. To find out if TestoGen has the ingredients that are needed to provide you with enhanced performance, keep reading.

Expert and Customer Reviews

There are no reviews available online for TestoGen. This is a bad sign. If TestoGen was providing men with performance boosting results, they would surely be talking about it.