Best IVF specialists in India

IVF which has been defined as the method of assisting reproduction where a woman's eggs and a man's sperm are combined or fused in a laboratory dish as opposed to the natural process of birth where no laboratory dish is needed before the sperm-egg is fused. After the sperm and egg’s fusion, fertilization occurs, and the embryo is transferred immediately to the womb where the baby matures. As straightforward as the description of this creative solution looks like, there is nothing straight about it. There is absolutely nothing mundane. This is why it also takes specialists; i.e., people who are veterans and professions of the IVF solution.

They are as many as you may think but not enough to saturate the IVF world.

 IVF specialist

Dr Pranay Shah

After being worked for 4+ Years Dr Pranay Shah has been considered to be one of the most successful IVF specialists in India. The only thing which makes him better than others is his success rate. In this sector, you need to be successful. Because without that, people won't really put much believe in you. After completing more than 3000 test tube babies, he is right now considered to be the Best IVF specialist in India. While choosing, you are required to be sure you are choosing the best person for the very first time. Otherwise you would end up wasting time and funds. So go for the best right away, without having to go around others.

Dr. Jatin Shah

Dr. Jatin Shah is the MD DGO at a special hospital. He is a specialist in assisted reproductive Technology and also a director in a fertility clinic.

For more than a decade and seven years, Jatin has worked together with his team of gynecologist and embryologist on IVF and other fertility programs and have recorded tremendous successes.  Everything peculiar to an IVF operation seems to be what Jatin is most excellent at. From ultrasonography, IVF embryology and embryo, and oocyte retrieval surgery among other things.

He is an exceptional practitioner and researcher. This distinct trait he has is what has earned him the nick that most of his colleagues now call him  “IVF commando”. I would not blame them, anyone who has had over 500 significant successes in a race or thing deserves to be awarded a champion and deserves accolades. But the reviews are kind of Not good.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

The Socialist as an MD gold medalist at the University of Mumbai. He also has masters of science in clinical embryology and Andrology from the eastern. He has collected numerous awards and still works towards obtaining more. He shows exceptionality in his day to day job and has solved significant infertility challenges. Having been in the field of IVF for over 26 years, he brags of being the scientific doctor of two different IVF units in Mumbai. Another fact that makes him a fascinating person to study is that apart from making waves and taking giant strides in his medical profession, he also shows his love for humanity by teaching at the East Vagina medical school, where he is an assistant Adjunct professor.

Dr. Malpani

Here is another impressive IVF veteran that is worth studying and learning from. He runs a fertility clinic, a clinic owned by him but much recognized by the government of India and registered under ARTS. He began to practice in the year 1991 and has been able to make significant changes in the lives of several childless couples. The hospital he manages has grown since its inception and boasts of the best technology used to run the IVF program.

Dr. Faram Irani

Another doctor that established an IVF clinic in the year 1989. More than 390 test tubes babies have already been produced in this clinic according to claims. The reason why most people are fascinated about his clinic is that they help couples who have been childless attain their dream of having children most easily and naturally without a price that cuts deep into the pocket. All of this specialist are unique people who have made an impact on their worlds, and it is such an honor to have gotten to know them.