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porn induced ED

I know how quickly anyone can become addicted to porn.

I was only 10 on December 31, 1957 when my parents decorated our basement with Playboy pictures for their New Year’s Eve party. My porn induced erectile dysfunction happened so innocently and so fast.

Everyone needs to be loved and wants to be loved. Since the beginning of time there has been nothing stronger than Love. Love can turn your whole world upside down if you’re not careful.

When we don’t get the love we need we will go out of our way to find it. We will do or go anywhere where we won’t get hurt, feel rejected and most importantly, not get caught.

We can get all the pretend love for a price in strip clubs, some massage parlours, peep shows and with prostitutes etc..

There is also a place where anyone can privately get all the fantasy love they need for nothing . . .



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