About low Testosterone levels

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Countless Americans have low testosterone levels which can cause many complications to their quality of life. There are many symptoms to a low testosterone level which include, among other symptoms,  such things as a decreased sex drive, lack of energy, depression, loss of muscle density, and erectile dysfunction.

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 If you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, you should set an appointment with your doctor. With a simple blood test, your doctor should be able to check your testosterone level to see if it is low or normal. Should your doctor decide that you need treatment for a low level of testosterone .There are testosterone supplements which help in raising the testosterone levels . However, there can be side effects both short term an long term to replacement treatments. 


  • Transbuccal System
  • Implantable Testosterone
  • Transdermal Testosterone
  • The TRT Patch
  • TRT Gel
  • Oral Testosterone
  • Novel Testosterone Therapy.