Is Hoodia Harmless

Is hoodia harmless ? 

That's a concern for the multitude of people who are using and thinking about using any products containing hoodia in them. There are scores of such products on the market nowadays, with more arriving all of the time.

Here's what we know about hoodia currently (as of early 2006):

  • Hoodia has been used for thousands of years by the Sans Bushmen, a tribe of hunter-gatherers who first discovered its appetite and thirst squelching properties, with no negative side effects. 
  • The active ingredient in hoodia gordonii -- called P57 which was discovered by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) isolated the active molecule -- and sold the patent rights to a pharmaceutical company called phytofarm. 
  • Phytofarm conducted a clinical study with morbidly obese patients, half of whom used P57 from hoodia and half of whom were on a placebo. The group on P57 achieved astounding results (reduced body fat and consumed on average a 1,000 less calories per day). They also experienced no negative side effects.