Free Essay Examples

We have all written essays from our school going days. Usually, it is a take away assignment that has to flow with ideas from your creativity. Free essays are fun to write because of their open nature. Whenever you are writing a free essay, you should not worry about length of structure. It is about flowing with content that suits you.

Most people go for topics they are passionate about. Of course, a topic you find interesting will be easy to research and describe. It won’t take you long to compile the ideas and present them in a favorable way depending on target audience. Free essays give you a chance to express your perception on various element in the environment and society.

Free Essay Examples

Popular topics

Topics on employment, environment, technology, are common free essay examples. Most people find these topics easy to research and describe on various perspectives. Usually, the content is different even if they are written with the same person. Also, if two writers coincidentally choose the same topic to explore in an essay, the content will be unique in each of the pieces. Two people can’t have the same perception on a topic; the fact that it is free and not bound on facts or any leading ideas, free essays are interesting to read to find out different ideas.


You don’t need samples to write a free essay. In fact, if you follow a format, you will be missing the point. Free essays should be unique to the writer. While most essays have a specific structure, free essays are open to your creativity. However, you can have a look at free essay examples and get a feel of how writers flow with ideas.

You will find most free essays are long. This is because writers take a topic they find interesting meaning they know a lot about. Writing on an interesting topic means you know enjoy elaborating different aspects on the topic and you simply can write enough. You are likely to exceed your standard word length in free essays.

Widely available

Free essay samples are widely available on the internet as well as in libraries. They are interesting items for readers. They are among the most popular items on accessed online, they attract a high readership rate. Most people online read for a hobby or seek entertainment, which is all covered by free essays. When reading a free essay, the mind can wander from one topic to another. Readers are allowed to pause and evaluate the writer’s position. It is free to criticize or support because of the free flow of ideas.

The appreciation of diversity makes free essays special. You are not forced to go by a certain belief. While some topics can be based on facts, it is not a restriction. It is about reading it to understand the writer’s perspective and engage your mind.