Top 5 Email Archiving Solutions 2019

 Email Archiving Solutions

We are now living in the cyber world where each document is delivered with the click of a button. And when we talk about your company, every business communication is performed via an electronic email. Much significant information, figures, facts, and info is sent and received through email. Such info has a massive impact on business decisions and revenues. Highly sensitive information obtained in your inbox must be protected and tamper proof. That’s where the importance of email archiving solutions come into the picture.

In this post, we’ll provide you with the top five email archiving solutions flourishing today and the ones you must anticipate next 2019. Are you now ready?

#5 – Barracuda Message Archiver

This email archiving solution is a totally configured email archive application. The benefit of using this is very comprehensive and simple, it can be sold to a customer easily as an on-site, customer-managed solution. This product works well for those small to medium-sized business. However, Barracuda Message Archiver allows service providers or their customers to start email archival management along with significant ease of use and nominal investment.


#4 – Symantec Enterprise Vault

On the other hand, this email archiving solutions from Symantec Enterprise Vault offers the near-complete archival capability for both instant messaging and email. This tool works with the 2 major corporate email systems: Lotus Notes and Outlook. For numerous customer accounts, the tool might not offer the ideal basis for service offerings. That’s because it doesn’t pay well across environments which have various email formats.


#3 – AXS-One AXS-Link

This tool offers a wide array of a lineup of data and emails archival management software. Compared to the majority of email archiving solutions, the AXS-Link series offers archival for the majority of email platforms like database and CRM systems. That makes the product very attractive for service providers who prefer to deal with enterprise email archival needs and traditional storage archival. They also provide a simple path for development which can accommodate a series of enterprise environments on a general platform.


#2 – Sunbelt Software Exchange Archiver

The Exchange Archiver of Sunbelt is a very crafty package which provides email archival and management solutions. It seeks to streamline storage of the archival data. Further, this optimization makes it also appealing to small business who prefer to lessen storage resources committed to email archives. The tool is a valuable add-on for service providers as well who prefer to provide archive management for email apart from their other storage services along with affordable incremental cost.


#1 – Personal Email Archiver

The number one on our list is the Personal Email Archiver. Did you know that this email archiving solutions is an excellent app for saving email messages? Perfect for those people who want to change computers, or switching jobs, they can keep their archived mail folder on their hard drive and receive peace of mind. The platform strives to offer users with the same copy of their emails in the result DOC or PDF.

No matter what you pick, make sure that the cloud-based email archiving solutions secure information and save confidential and sensitive customer details from any sort of breaches or violation.