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Winter weather can dramatically affect the structural integrity of your home, especially snow and ice. Roofing ann arbor provide the best services to repair your roof in a matter of days. In order for you and your family to safely and reduce the risk of permanent damage, you must be aware of the potential risks and know when it is time to call the professionals.

Know the Facts

In 1975, they enacted stricter housing laws. Homes built before these regulations may not be strong enough to cope with the rigors of winter, in particular, without further attention. If your roof was built after 1975 and is up to the code, you should be able to withstand the mean strongest snowfall for your area. Even newly built housing, however, has its limitations. In general, it is advisable to remove snow that is 18 inches or more. While quantity is important to keep in mind, it should also be considered in the type. The new heavy rainfall is the lightest, but it can melt and re-freeze, and create additional weight. Thirty-eight inches of dry ice, also known as fresh snow, equal to only six inches of wet snow weight. Ice is heavier and, therefore, represents the greatest risk. The homeowner, you should determine the distribution of the rainfall and then look for signs of a structural problem.

Signs of damage

Some indicators suggest permanent damage. Some include signs of compact roof ceiling flaccidity of the tiles, winding or shocking noise, cracked walls, or roof leaks. If you notice that the interior doors began to stick. This can be a sign that the weight in the central structure is the frame distortion of the door. Double-gypsum or plaster panels around the frame of the cracks are visible. If there is structural damage, professional counseling helps guide vulnerable areas and find solutions.

Roofing Contractors Contact

The professional use of each season is much less expensive than paying for the repair or replacement causey the winter weather. Immed bdiately after heavy snow, and stress caused by weight and pressure can cause structural damage. Removed crews with special ladders, safety ropes, necessary to remove all snow and ice efficiently and tools. They will analyze the pitch, herpes zoster, and location to determine how much rainfall you need to remove and remove the best possible plan.