How to score more "love hoops" during March Madness

With singles flocking to sports bars and parties for March Madness, how can they score more love hoops both online and offline? Even if you are not a sports nut, you want to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the national college basketball championships. You can create your own pool of bachelors or bachelorettes online, going to sports bars and taking more chances during March Madness!

If basketball is not your thing, you can either run from an All Sports Fanatic (ASF) or jump into the game to increase your odds. Relationships are built on compromise and being a cheerleader for each other's passions. As long as they are not too extreme, you might cheer for their NCAA team in March, and then they can cheer for your dreams.

Here's how you can you position yourself for success, create your own pool and make more March Madness Moves?

  1. Position yourself for success

Singles can jump through more love hoops during March Madness by positioning themselves for success. Everyone knows dating is a numbers game so take advantage of these basketball sports fanatics both online and offline.

  • Online positioning: Why not change your profile introductory line to say something about your favorite team? You might try, B-ball or Bust, Go Terps! Or The Eyes of March Madness. You can also search on sports terms, and then send emails to singles about their b-ball passions.
  • Offline positioning: Using my "SMART Man Hunting" dating strategy, you can get out there, get dates and identify your mate faster in a sports bar. With so many men in circulation, women should especially take advantage of the odds being in the female favor.
  1. Create your own pool

Once you get out there, you'll find endless opportunities online and in sports bars. In order to create your own pool of bachelors or bachelorettes, play the numbers game.

  • Online pool: Even if you don't like sports, you can win by sending out 100 emails to create your own pool. I interviewed a casting director in Los Angeles who found her man through a matchmaker. She received interest from 200 guys, dated five and married one. She said, "that's about the same odds it takes to find someone when I am casting for a show." You are casting for a mate and the Internet offers the biggest pond so go wild with emails!
  • Offline pool: Once you hit the sports bars, it helps to know some sports trivia and have your icebreakers ready so you can meet more people. Enter a basketball pool at the office so you can throw out team names. If you don't know anything about b-ball, pick teams based on your favorite colors. No matter what you say, your body language is the most important success factor. Smile, make direct eye contact, be happy, and go ahead and be a flirt! With the right amount of confidence sex appeal, singles will line up to meet you.
  1. March Madness moves

To help you score more love hoops in a sports bar or via email online, try some of these March Madness moves - and remember to relax, smile, and send positive messages!

  • The five-foul role -- Practice your approach by breaking the ice with the hottie across the bar or send an email online. If you get rejected, give yourself at least five fouls per game before you foul out. With each shot, you will gain more confidence, and eventually something good is bound to hit. You can ask, "Who do you think will make it to the final four this year?"
  • Halftime hits -- Position yourself at the bar at halftime next to the cutie you have been checking out. Go for one-on-one by talking sport trivia during halftime or online. If you don't know anything about the team, search online so you have a few inside scoops. You will win big points for knowing anything about the game.
  • Male macho rebounds -- Men can advance by giving studly responses to bold female moves. If a woman approaches you in a bar or sends you an email online, make a bet on the game, dazzle them with trivia, buy them a drink - If the chemistry is there, go for it!
  • The five-second move -- Women can invite men to join them using a five-second move. Simply make eye contact with a guy for five seconds. It might seem like a long time, but think of something that makes you laugh so you smile and see how it works.

If you are game for increasing your odds, take advantage of the Loveawake Matchmaking Madness all month long. And when b-ball season ends, get ready for baseball. There's always an opportunity for singles to connect via sports both online and offline.


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Here's a question that I shall forward onto my sister.
She recently had her second child, and the first one is almost three and a huge handful. It's a lot of work, and she does not have the time she used to have to keep a nice house, or make homemade meals. That being said she does alright...

But when she asks her husband to do something (like clean the bathroom, or pick up dinner from somewhere), it takes A LOT to make him do it. So much so that they end up bickering constantly. He does work all day in construction, so I can see where he'd be tired, and I do see how sometimes it can be unfair to have to ask him to do something like that when she is home all day... but I've spent days with her, and it's ridiculous how long it takes for some things to get done when you have to bring along a toddler and a baby wherever you go.

So, how do you get some help from your husband without having to bicker constantly? It's been working out thus far because my Dad stayed in a hotel for two weeks and took the toddler off her hands, but it worries me that she can't get the help that she needs. Maybe this question is better for married ladies who might have gone through this, but I put it out there anyways.

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