10 Tips to Avoid Fraud On Villa Rent Mykonos

A lot of tour operator companies offer villa booking services and that is about the most secure way you can do it. These companies have to take responsibility when you select a villa to rent Mykonos. Booking with the owner of the villa can be cost saving but you face the risk of being defrauded. You can make your villa booking safer and more secure by following these tips.

The villa

Make sure to examine how long the advertisement for the villa has been up. Normally, you would be able to see the date the advertiser joined that platform. The more time he has spent there, the more genuine he is likely to be. 

Before choosing a villa to rent Mykonos, read reviews and testimonials written by others who have used the services of that owner, or better still, the very property you want to rent. Although a few negative comments should not scare you, a good and legitimate owner will have more praise and less reproach in the form of reviews.

You can easily verify the location of the villa using Google maps. If you are ale to find it and maybe see some pictures that match, it is probably genuine.

The owner of the villa

Before you decide on a villa to rent Mykonos, speak to the so called owner over the phone and verify that the property is actually his. Ask for their mailing address for contact signing purposes.

Search the web to find information about the owner. There should be at least a trace of them on there.

You can follow your gut feeling for this one too. If you notice anything about the owner, his website or the property listing that smells fishy to you, just leave that villa and move on to the many other options you have.

Making payments

Be very adamant and judicious about paperwork related to rent Mykonos. If you are not satisfied with any part of the contract, don’t pay for it. Make sure that the policies surrounding security deposits are fair and reasonable. You could go for an insurance for  damage-waiver option instead of paying a full deposit.

Don’t wire any money for rent Mykonos through likely untraceable methods like Western Union. The safest way to make deposits or final payments is by using a card provider. Some rental companies will insist you have some form of protection to protect against fraud.

Upon arrival at the villa

Make sure you carefully inspect the villa after you rent Mykonos, and safely arrive at your destination. In case of any already existing damages, take pictures of the property to make sure you have proof for moving out time. Try to alert the property owner so you are not charged for this when you want to leave.

If you paid any security deposit in the contract, make sure you keep to the rules and get it back when you are leaving. If any costs have been deducted from your deposit, ask questions to know why and be sure everything is according to the book before leaving.