Delusion Disorder

delusion disorder

The disorder affects the mind. One lives in an unrealistic world, for an extended period, usually a month. Usually, the affected individual is convinced and nothing can deter their beliefs despite being obviously false. The mind of such an individual is on overdrive on untrue happenings. Most of the thoughts are based on common things in the environment like love or security threat. The only difference is it is not real. Even the peers around such a person do not approve of the threat or extreme feeling of such an individual.

No physical or biological health risks are linked to delusion disorder. Also, it doesn’t affect their judgment on other elements in society.

Delusional disorder is rare. Also, it largely occurs with people of middle age. It is also common in women of advanced age than men.

Types of delusional disorder


In this type, a person strongly beliefs that someone famous is in love with them. As mentioned, nothing can sway them from the strong belief. To them, the picture is clear and they can relate the individual’s actions to their beliefs even though they have never met. Usually, the affected individual tries to contact the person, which often ends up in stalking. Extremes of stalking can be dangerous if the person with delusions develops jealousy and wants to protect their “love.”


It is a common type of delusion disorder where a person strongly believes they are being followed or someone is intending to harm them. Sometimes the delusion is directed to someone close to this sick person. The constant fear of harm coming their way or plans to mistreat and treat them unfairly. Legal authorities commonly receive such complaints and security threats, which are never real.


In this case, an individual is convinced to be in possession of power and knowledge. The delusion inflates sense of identity. Such a person believes he/she has made a huge step in life, like a discovery, and would want to share it with the world. It is a good feeling for such a person because it comes with fulfillment and achievement in life. The person is convinced to have a great talent.


A person has reasons to believe that the spouse or lover is unfaithful. This delusion disorder can lead to anger and violent behavior that will hurt either of the partners. It might break a family if the delusion extends for more than a month and the spouse is not aware it is a health condition.


There exact cause of delusion disorder is yet to be established. It is a complicated topic, which is rarely in medical discussion rooms. However, some studies point to trauma as a possible cause. Also, delusional disorder can emerge as a stress management technique. In this case, an individual believes they are facing their fears head on hence dealing with the stress. Delusional disorder can also be genetic.