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Improving your Mood with Mindfulness

 improving your mood

We occasionally wake up to low energy and exhaustions. Events and incidents around us define our emotions. Sometimes, it is what was happening in your dream. Of course, some people seem carefree with life and would put on a smiling face everyday. As much as the sun shines on all of us, it never brightens everyone’s life.

While we can blame circumstances that different people go through in different days, it is also about mindset. What you choose to conceive and believe in your mind determines your emotions. If we can only be conscious of what is happening around us and know how it can affect our moods, we will control our everyday. Yes, the mind is that powerful to control your life.

Moods can be deterred by circumstances, they always are, that’s natural. But improving your mood is entirely dependent on perception. Train your brain otherwise.

Focus on what you need

When people are depressed, the solutions seems to be more money, clothing or food. You might also be tempted to eat junk or calories drinks hoping it will up your emptiness. That’s a lie. You are only postponing your issues. In most cases, we don’t need the excess of what we are thinking of to be happy and contented in life.

Take some time and think what you really need to live comfortably. It is not the excess money and fancy food in the fridge. An easy way to alleviate depression is to stop thinking about yourself and focus on others. Set aside few bites on your table, check on the clothes you don’t need, and give to the needy families. Consider saving a dollar a day in a jar for the same purpose.

Be honest

Actually, brutally honest. Check the toxic relationships and habits in your life. Where you spend time on weekends, the people you hang out with, what you eat, and what you watch. All of these things feed your mind and influence your emotions. Take time to reflect on your daily routine and find out your definition of happiness. Identify the people and places that make you happy, cut away the toxic factors. Go for walks and meditate on your life with the goal of improving your mood.

Go easy on yourself

Self-doubt and self-criticism won’t be of any help to you. The mind is like a garden and negative thoughts are like weed. Nothing beautiful will come out of you if your thoughts are dwelling on the negative. Also, the human mind works with law of attraction. What you think is what comes to you; focus on positivity, happiness, peace, and you will find them in abundance.

The secret to improving your mood is being mindful of your habits and thoughts. You have the power to change mindset and emotions. It might not be easy to drastically think positively but you can gradually form a pattern of positive thoughts and be conscious of your environment to avoid toxicity.

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