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7 Tips and tricks to receive instant likes in your Instagram photos

Instagram offers you a great platform to share moments and memories with your near and dear ones as well as promote your business or brand. But, there are many things you need to keep in mind while sharing your pictures on Instagram, which would help you attract maximum followers.

instant likes on your Instagram photos

Here’s how you can receive instant likes on your Instagram photos:

1. Click high-quality pictures

Though it may seem like the easiest thing on earth, you would be amazed to know that many individuals don’t execute it. However, it’s one of the best ways to get instant likes on your Instagram photos. It doesn’t mean that you have to invest your hard earned dollars on a costly DSLR. Just make sure that the pictures are clicked in proper lighting and the object is focused. A smartphone with a good camera would do the job.

2. Use a filter

It may sound silly but, using a filter scheme consistently can build your brand on Instagram. Using identical filter schemes for all your uploaded pictures would create a visual identity among your followers. This would increase recognition and help you get consistent thumbs up.

3. Share pictures on other social media platforms

Your Instagram photos will get flooded with instant likes if you share your pictures on other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. It influences the traffic on your other social media accounts toward your Instagram account, which generates more likes and followers. You can also share your Instagram photos on your blog if you have any.

4. Use hashtags

If you want to connect to the folks near you, apply local hashtags. It’ll help you grasp possible customers close to you. You can also use popular hashtags to reach out to a larger group of people. But, make sure popular hashtags are not prime likes. It’s a method to boost the credibility of your Instagram account. Using hashtags increase likes on your Instagram photos and followers on your account.

5. Tag a place

Try to tag a place in your Instagram pictures to let people near that location see your pictures easily. Individuals hunting for photos close to them are probably to engage more with your posts if your location matches their location. That means you have more instant likes on your images on Instagram.

6. Be a community member on Instagram

Another way to receive ample instant likes and promote your brand on Instagram is to become a member of a community. Acknowledge other people’s posts and they’ll acknowledge your posts back. Leave thoughtful comments on their photos to create a virtual bond with your community members.  

7. Post behind-the-scenes pictures

To increase followers on your Instagram posts share behind-the-scenes pictures on your company’s Instagram account. For instance, if your company is launching a new product, share behind-the-scenes pictures of the launch. It’ll help build an affectionate relationship with your customers and increase the fan following. It’s a unique content marketing strategy to collect more likes from fans on Instagram.

Follow these tricks religiously to get more likes on your Instagram photos.

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