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Why is it important for medical assistants to be familiar with the law?

In today’s world, no one can deny the importance of interdisciplinary care units. People are living a healthy life because of the tireless effort of the interdisciplinary units for delivering health care to patients. The health care professionals including social workers, therapists, nursing assistants, physicians and medical assistants make sure that the patients are given proper care, and they have no complained regarding the interdisciplinary care. Every health care professional has his duties and roles which they have to understand and implement with dedication. A medical assistant is one of the most important health care professionals who assist in the plan of care for the patients and in various settings like the nursing homes or the hospitals. Some of the medical assistants are involved in the care planning conferences or treatment team that collaborates care for a particular patient. However, they are not given authority to make independent medical assessments or give any advice. Although the legal requirements of the medical assistant vary from state to state, but they should be familiar with the law. The medical assistant Dorsey Schoolguides the medical assistant for every task. This article will tell you why it is important for medical assistants to be familiar with the law.

Ø To avoid malpractice

Malpractice is a common issue in almost every field. Understanding the law can avoid the malpractice that pertains to the medical office personnel. If a medical assistant knows the law, then it will help them to protect themselves, the patient and their employer from a lawsuit. Alternatively, a medical assistant having no information about the law can be trapped in lawsuits as he doesn't know how he can avoid it.  Familiarity with the basic law can assist the medical assistant to prevent the legal difficulty by remaining mindful.

Ø Prevent a problem from progressing into a lawsuit

Most of the time, a medical assistant plays the role of a middleman between the physician and the patient. They play an important role in developing the optimistic relation between patient and doctor. They can prevent a complaint from happening into a lawsuit if they have knowledge about the law. Knowing the law of a particular state can prevent the medical institute from lawsuits. Most of the time, some minor issues progress to a complicated lawsuit which is often difficult to handle, so it is better to prevent it at the beginning.

Ø To know the medical issues as legal or illegal

Sometimes a patient does some act which is against the law, and the medical assistant would never know it if he is not familiar with the law. Having knowledge about the law can help the medical assistant to know what the patient has been doing perhaps which is against the law. For instance, if someone commits suicide than the medical assistant needs to understand if it is against the law of the state.

Ø To know the legal duties of a medical assistant

A medical assistant cannot practice medicine in any form as he is not licensed to do so. It is important for a medical assistant to understand the law and regulations that involve the duties of medical assistant regarding the patient care. Understanding the law will help the medical assistant to thoroughly understand the patient care according to the law of a particular state.

Many legal issues hit the medical institute which often leads to a lawsuit. The medical assistant Dorsey School should know everything about the law so that he can avoid such problems in a well-respected medical institute. A medical assistant act as a bridge between patient and physician, so it is his duty to know the law and avoid lawsuits.

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