The Risk of Storage Units

American consumers are undoubtedly big spenders and accumulate a lot of things as a consequence. Renting storage units near you is often the most common applicable solution. All kinds of communities offer the self-service facilities for consumers depending on the size. While some provide small units the size of a closet, others offer spaces as big as garages. There are those that are climate controlled depending on the region.

For a long time, no one seemed to pay attention to this business and the risk it poses to the users and the community as a whole. An unlikely influence from pop culture began with the exposure of the issue in Star Wars. This TV series exposed the culture of auctioning off the contents one’s units when you failed to sustain regular pay. The bidding process then commences with strict rules not to check the contents therein.  It quickly gained world fame. Losing one’s belongings is a likely occurrence for refusal or inability to pay for the storage unit. One would rather keep their belongings in the safety of their homes.

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Rats, for example, are common intruders to storage units near you. Although the insurance companies are ready to re compensate losses, the compensation is often unable to cover for the damages. Not only do rats eat away stuff, they also lave droppings in the unit making the unit to house foul smells.

According to the reports conducted by Self Storage Association, 10% of all households in the United States have some form of rental storage units. One common rule among the facilities that one maintains insurance for the complete replacement cost of the belongings in the unit. Owners require one to provide a copy of their homeowners or rental policies.

The items people choose to willingly pay for safety are obviously valuable to them. It is therefore, crucial for an effective financial compensation insurance be established to protect the items. regardless of the sophistication in security of the storage facilities, they are bound to be affected by other forms of infiltration such as theft, fire or other disasters. If you are in the processes of securing storage units near you, then it is vital to check what types of losses are covered by the facility before signing an agreement.


Value limitation

Most of the storage unit companies limit the value of items they can over space for based on its size. Users may purchase an insurance policy via the storage unit company. The smallest unit available, therefore, is likely to have the lowest coverage. Filling such a unit with valuables hence puts you at an increased risk as the value of your items may be way higher than the amount assigned for the unit. For this reason, the companies exclude items such as art, jewelry, antiques, cash as well as securities.

There are cases where empty units are not maintained or locked. It is therefore possible for one to break into a client’s locker via the inside or through the wall on the other side. Homeless people are common culprits of forcing their way into storage units. However, it is hectic to investigate and arrive at culprit due to increased activity and numbers