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2018-2019 Academic Year
Final Exam Schedule (Spring 2018-2019) (.pdf, 37K)
General Education Requirements

Students must complete the General Education requirements from the academic year in which they initially enrolled at Flagler College.

2016-2017 General Education Requirements (.pdf, 423K)
2015-2016 General Education Requirements (.pdf, 158K)
2014-2015 General Education Requirements (.pdf, 28K)
2013-2014 General Education Requirements (.pdf, 271K)
2012-2013 General Education Requirements (.pdf, 50K)
General Information
Steps to Request Readmission (.pdf, 35K)
Request a Replacement Diploma (.pdf, 69K)
Change of Name (.pdf, 116K)
Not Returning to Flagler College for Next Semester (.pdf, 42K)

Fill this 2 page form and questionnaire out and return it to the Office of the Registrar if you have chosen not to return to Flagler College for the upcoming semester.

Change of Address Form (.pdf, 46K)
FERPA Release of Student Information (.pdf, 33K)
This form is used by students who wish to grant access to their Flagler College Academic Record to an identified individual or multiple individuals.
Individuals specified on form must produce proper identification for access to Academic Records.
This form grants identified individuals NO MORE access to the Academic Record than the student him-or herself has.
Main Campus to Tallahassee.pdf (.pdf, 38K)

Approval form for students enrolled at the Flagler College St. Augustine campus who wish to take courses over the summer term at the Flagler College Tallahassee campus.

Transient Study Application Form (.pdf, 41K)
Alternate Campus Transfer Form (.pdf, 42K)
Registration Advisor Meeting Worksheet (.pdf, 45K)
Request for Incomplete Contract (.pdf, 33K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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