You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
Campus Mail
     - Customer Service Counter: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm (Closed on weekends except move-in)
     - Lobby: Self-Service (Parcel Lockers Only) Daily Access via ID Card 7:00am-12:00am
Mail sent to you must have your name and the correct mailing address
     - Mail without a name on it will not be delivered – it will be returned to sender
     - Mail incorrectly addressed takes further steps to process; may be delayed or returned to sender
     - Use only 74 King St & your Campus Box Number. Do not use your residence hall address
     - Mail or packages that are not picked up within 14 days may be returned to sender or disposed of
REMINDER:  Flagler College Email is the official means of communication, so check your email daily.
Correct Address Format:
STUDENT NAME, (required)
Flagler College CM000 (Campus Mail000, use assigned CM#) (required)
107 King Street, Suite D
Saint Augustine FL  32084-4342 (do not use Res Hall address)
Please set up paperless billing instead of having the bills mailed to your Flagler College address.
When a package arrives for you, you will receive an email notification with a barcode and instructions to pick up from the parcel lockers in the lobby, or from the customer service desk.
You must bring your student ID to pick up mail and packages.
All students living on campus will be assigned a campus mail number.  You will receive an email notification that mail is ready for pick up at the Mail Services Customer Service Counter (Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm).  You must bring your student ID to pick up mail and packages.
Students who do not live on campus are NOT assigned a campus mail number. Flagler College does not accept mail for off-campus students; it will be returned to sender.
Outgoing stamped mail may be dropped at Mail Services or taken directly to the Post Office across the street.  You are able to purchase stamps at the US Post Office.
Items shipped and received prior to your arrival at Flagler College may be sent no sooner than two weeks before the first day of classes and will be stored in the mailroom.  During move-in weekend, the Mailroom will have extended hours for pick up.  For Fall 2021, Mail Services will accept and hold Resident Student mail beginning on August 11, 2021.
Thank you and best wishes for a successful school year from your Mail Services staff: Terry, Esther and the Mailroom student workers.  Terry Bennett, Mailroom Supervisor, (904) 819-6209,


On-Campus Housing Forms

It is the intent of the College to make the residence hall environment an integral part of the student experience. To this end, the College brings together individuals of widely varied backgrounds, personalities, and educational interests and endeavors to provide an environment in which the students can develop both intellectually and socially.

Curent Student Quick Links

Submit a Maintenance Request

Use the link below to submit a general maintenance request (e.g., stuck window, door will not close, light out, bathroom faucet dripping). For emergency request (e.g., loss of electrical power, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, showers or fixtures) please contact the Office of Safety and Security at (904) 819-6200. 

Submit a Maintenance Request

Make an Appointment

If you need to see Residence Life about room changes, applying to be a Residence Advisor, or for maintenance concerns use the link below to set up a time to speak with our office.  

Appointment Scheduler 

Overnight Guests

Resident students may request one (1) guest to stay overnight for a maximum of two (2) nights. Only one (1) guest per room is allowed.  For more information on overnight guests please refer to the Student Handbook. There are NO GUESTS allowed during the first and last week of the semester, Finals Week, Spring Break, or Thanksgiving week. Students must register their overnight guests by submitting an Overnight Guest Request Form and cash payment to the Office of Student Services during regular business hours.


$3 per night if submitted three business days prior (mattress delivery available)

$10 per night if submitted less than three business days prior (mattress delivery NOT available)

$50 per night for each unregistered guest

Resident Personal Property

Per the Flagler College Residence Hall Policy Contract, the College is not responsible for theft or damage to a student's personal property or belongings. It is strongly recommended that all students purchase renter's insurance to cover damage or loss of personal property. If you would like to request an exception to this policy please complete the form in the handouts section.

Renter's Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to acquire renter's Insurance for their belongings. Some homeowner's insurance policies may cover belongings of a student living on-campus, so please review your family's homeowner's insurance policy, if any, to determine applicability of coverage for personal property while living on campus. You can also purchase a renter's Insurance policy through various insurance companies.

Please note that Flagler College, the Office of Student Services, and the Office of Residence Life are not responsible for a student's belongings in the event of damage, including fire, sprinkler discharge, hurricanes, etc., per the terms and conditions of the Flagler College Resident Hall Policy Contract. Students are encouraged to obtain their own personal and property loss insurance.

Contract Cancellation Policy

A large part of the educational experience at a residential college is life on campus. For this reason, all freshman must live on campus unless they have received prior approval from the Office of Admissions. Transfer students who have completed less than 24 semester hours of credit are also required to live on campus, unless otherwise approved by the Office of Admissions. Returning students must participate in housing week to secure housing for the upcoming academic year. For students who enroll for the fall semester, housing contracts are for the full academic year; thus, the student is responsible for the yearly room and board charges, as stated in the Flagler College Catalog. Students entering Flagler in January will contract for housing for the spring semester only. Students who will graduate in December, or students who will study away in the spring, should contact the Office of Residence Life regarding revision of the housing contract.

Signing of the Flagler College Contract for Student Housing and the submission of the required deposit serves as a binding agreement to fully pay for room and board for the associated academic year. Students wishing to discuss this policy further must submit an email to the Dean of Student Services at