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Parking Garage Update

Flagler College’s new parking garage is open for students, faculty, and staff.  This new five-level parking garage will add approximately 500 new parking spaces on campus and provide covered parking for over 200 bicycles.  Since the garage is for students, faculty and staff, each vehicle must have a current parking permit.  Vehicles without permits will receive a parking citation.  If you don’t already have a parking permit/decal, you can purchase one for $90.

Please note: The maximum height for a vehicle to enter the garage is 6 feet 9 inches.  If your vehicle has large tires, a lift kit, or other accessories causing the vehicle to exceed 6 feet 9 inches, you will not be able to enter the parking structure.  Alternative student parking options are the lots located at Cedar Hall, Lewis House, or the gym.

City Parking Garage

For those students that had city parking garage cards, you will need to go to the Campus Security Office in the Rotunda and exchange your city parking garage card for a Flagler College parking permit. Please attach your new permit/decal to the driver’s side rear windshield. The city parking garage cards have been deactivated and can no longer be used to gain access to the city’s parking garage.  When you pick up your permit/decal, please let the Security staff know if your vehicle registration/information has changed since first picking up your city parking garage card. If you have questions, please email

Parking details and payment instructions are now available.

$180.00 Non-Guaranteed Option:

Students may park in the Flagler College campus lots that have spaces designated for student parking. Having a parking decal does not guarantee a parking space.

Campus Parking Map (PDF)

Parking permit approval is based on the following conditions:

  1. Obtaining a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. Use of the limited space available is a privilege that can be revoked at the discretion of the Director of Security, or the VP of Business Services based on parking, or college disciplinary records. When no space is available on campus, off campus parking must be used. Vehicles with parking permits are restricted to the designated parking areas on the campus parking map.
  1. Vehicles must be parked within designated lines; cannot block another vehicle; will not be parked in fire lanes: reserved spaces; yellow curb areas or driveways; will not obstruct trash dumpsters; not park on any grass or dirt areas or park in such a manner as to obstruct the free flow of traffic. Violations of these rules will result in a monetary fine, vehicle being towed, vehicle being booted or revocation of parking privilege. While driving on college property speeds across sidewalks will not exceed 5mph and shall not exceed 10mph anywhere else on college property.
  1. There is a $35.00 replacement fee for a lost decal.
  1. Fines must be paid within fourteen (14) days of issuance. Fines not paid will be applied to your financial account and will be paid prior to receiving clearance from this institution. If a parking fine is to be appealed it must be within ten (10) days of issuance via email to
  1. A current on-campus Flagler College parking decal, hang-tag, or dash pass is the only authority to park on college property. Because of the limited parking spaces, there are no temporary visitor passes for guest parking. Guests must use on street parking, or municipal lots. If you have purchased a municipal parking permit you may not park on campus at any time.
  1. Decals must be permanently affixed to the outside of the rear window drivers’ side (not the side window). Hang-tags must be hung from the rear-view mirror with information displayed toward the front windshield. Dash passes must be displayed face up on front dash board.
  1. Flagler College assumes no responsibility for private vehicles, or their contents that are parked on college property. All vehicle accidents must be reported to Security and the St. Augustine Police Department. Parking is enforced 24 hours a day seven days a week throughout the year.

How do I purchase a parking permit for the city parking garage?

You must purchase the permit directly from the city parking garage. For further questions, please call the city parking garage at 904-484-5160.

Why does Flagler have this parking policy?

Parking is an issue not just for Flagler College, but also for the city of St. Augustine. Parking spaces are limited and in high demand with residents, students, tourists and business people. Flagler's parking policy, along with the associated fees, is in order to offset the growing cost of parking in the city and to the College.

What hours will the city parking garage be open?

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Will a parking spot in the city parking garage be reserved for me?

There are no assigned spaces. However, there are more than enough parking spaces to accommodate the student body.

What do I do if I pay for a parking permit for the city parking garage and all of the spots are taken up either by tourists, or other students?

This should not be a problem as there are 1,170 spaces in the city garage, and peak use for students (weekdays) is when the garage will be at its lowest occupancy.

How do you intend to keep unauthorized vehicles out of on-campus parking?

Disciplinary procedures are in place. Tickets are issued on a regular basis and are registered on the offender’s financial record as fines. After a fixed number of tickets, the vehicle will be booted and/or towed.

If I purchase a parking permit for the city parking garage, may I also park on campus?

No. The permit for the city parking garage is not valid in the on-campus lots.

If I purchase a $180 parking decal to park on campus and cannot locate a parking space, will I be able to park at the city parking garage?

The on-campus parking decal holds no significance at the city parking garage. However, you may park in the city parking garage at their hourly and daily rates.

Where is the city parking garage located?

It is behind the city’s Visitor Information Center and just four blocks from campus. It is only a five to ten minute walk to Flagler College.

Google Map for the Parking Garage