At the beginning of each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester, each student is given a new $50.00 balance in print credits to use on the web printers on campus. Each print is automatically deducted from your balance. The same costs apply whether printing is done from a PC or a Mac.

  • Black/White Prints = $0.10/each
  • Color Prints = $0.50/each

Purchased print credits will roll over each semester. Free print credits that are given at the beginning of each semester do NOT roll over.

Buy More Print Credits (Requires a credit card)



One color print will deduct $0.50 from your print balance.     

Color printers are available in the following locations:

  • LibWebColor - Located across from the Reference Desk on the 1st floor of the library
  • L300C - Located behind the front desk in room L300 on the 3rd floor of the library
  • Graphic Design Printers - Color printers capable of printing on up to 12"x18" paper are located in rooms L333 of the library and S7 of the art building



  1. Make sure your Pages document is saved.
  2. In the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click File > Export > Word...
  3. On the next screen, confirm that the "Word" icon is highlighted and click Next...
  4. Enter a file name. We suggest that you add something like "(Word Format)" to the end of the document name so there is no confusion.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Upload the Word document (instead of the original Pages document) you just created to Webprint.

Uploaded image

WebPrint - Printing to a campus computer from your personal computer or mobile device.
Remote printing is available to on-campus printers from your personal computers via our WebPrint service.  To use this service, log in at from your home, dorm room, or laptop. Choose the printer to which you would like to print and upload your document.             


  • Black/White printer  - Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Proctor Library (2-sided print option)
  • Color printer - Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Proctor Library (2-sided print option)
  • Black/White printer - Library 2nd floor lobby by kiosk computer
  • Black/White printer  - L300B on the third floor of the Proctor Library
  • Black/White printer - First floor of the Ringhaver Student Center
  • Black/White printer  - The Learning Resource Center
  • Color printer - The Learning Resource Center
  • Black/White printer  - Pollard Hall
  • Black/White printer - Abare Hall on the 2nd floor commons
  • Black/White printer - Markland Hall ENACTUS office
  • Color printer - Honors Palm Cottage
  • Black/White printer - Tinlin Building 65 Valencia


Most printers on campus do NOT support printing to special paper. Printers that will print to a variety of special paper types for LASER (not inkjet) printers are:

  • L333-BW
  • L333-C1
  • L333-C2
  • S5-BW
  • S7-BW
  • S7-C1
  • S7-C2

Special paper must be inserted in the bypass tray, as labeled on the printers. You must refer to the charts for Printing on Special Paper, located in L333 and S7 above the printers.

Special paper MUST come from packets labeled for LASER PRINTER use. INKJET paper can ruin the printers and will almost definitely ruin your paper.

If you have ANY questions about printing to special paper, Contact us for help.