Student Accounts Announcements

PLEASE BE ADVISED that Financial Aid and Student Accounts will begin the process of running actual charges and disbursements. This process may cause a temporary fluctuation in your Student Account online “View Account Details” for the Spring 2020 semester. 

Tax Form 1098-T for 2019 – Sign up to receive electronically

All students wishing to receive their 2019 Tax Form 1098-T electronically are URGED to complete these steps NOW to have them available on January 31, 2020. Please follow the first three steps below under “Students” and then click on the green “Consent to electronic statements”.  Check the box “I consent to receive electronic 1098-Ts, then click Submit.

If you do not opt-in to receive the 1098-T Form electronically, your form will be mailed on January 31st. The arrival of your 1098-T will depend on the US Postal Service and the location of your legal address on file with the College.

You can also refer to the “Information” email sent to ALL current students on 1/24/2020 for complete instructions.

Payment Information

  • Log in with your email username and password above
  • Click on the Students” TAB (third tab) 
  • Click on the Red “Business Services” BUTTON
  • Under CASHNet My Account Info, click on Payments/Invoices/Parent PINS
  • Click on the blue, "View Account Details" to view all current balance info. 

Balances are due in full no later than December 1 OR you must be signed up for the Payment Plan.

Authorized Payer Only:
  • An “Authorized Payer” is a payer other than the student (access must be created by the student ONLY)
  • Click on Red Authorized Payer button below, authorize payer must enter PIN and password (as assigned by the student)
Authorized Payer Here