Student Accounts Announcements

Important Reminder—Fall balances are due, August 1--Avoid the Late Fee

Please follow the payment instructions below for either Student Payers OR Authorized Payers (“Authorized Payer” option must initially be set up by you, the student in CASHNet)

Payment Information

  • Login with your email username and password above
  • Click on the Students” TAB (third tab) 
  • Click on the Red “Business Services” BUTTON
  • Under CASHNet My Account Info, click on: Payments/Invoices/Parent PINS
  • Click on the blue, "View Account Details" to view all current balance info. 

Balances are due in full no later than August 1 OR you must be signed up for the Payment Plan.

Authorized Payer Only:
  • An “Authorized Payer” is a payer other than the student (access must be created by the student ONLY)
  • Click on Red Authorized Payer button below, authorize payer must enter PIN and password (as assigned by the student)
Authorized Payer Here

Health Insurance Information

MANDATORY STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE:  Enroll or Waive the Health Insurance 2019/20 plan at First Student Health Insurance.
Waiver to be completed no later than September 27, 2019 (charge will be removed from student’s account 24 to 36 hours following receipt of the accepted confirmation email.)
Enroll for coverage August 1, 2019, through July 31, 2020