St. Augustine Campus

If your financial aid for the Fall semester is not showing on your account/bill, please log into your financial aid portal at and make sure you have turned in all necessary forms and have accepted or declined all of your aid. If you have questions or need to meet virtually, the counselors can be reached via email at or by phone at (904)819-6225.

Hanke Hall is located at 63 Cordova Street at the corner of Valencia Street in St. Augustine. Visits currently are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to the Financial Aid Office. 

If you are attending the Tallahassee Campus, please contact the Financial Aid Coordinator there, Ms. Annette Young at or at 1-850-201-8712.


Scholarship Listings

Information regarding College Scholarships from U.S. News and World Report

As Scholarships are made available they will be shown in this space below:


Amount:  $1,200

Deadline:  March 29, 2020

Major:  Political Science, Public/Business Administration, or Journalism/Mass Communication

Name:  The Florida State Assoc. of Supervisors of Elections Scholarship

Eligibility: Political Science, Public or Business Administration, or Journalism/Mass Communication Majors - Florida Residents - Jr or Sr

Application available at


Amount:  $1,000

Deadline:  June 15, 2020

Major:  Any

Name:  Frederick W & Grace P. Brecht Scholarship

Open to All Brevard County, FL Residents

For information go to



Amount:  Varies

Deadline:  June 15, 2020

Major:  All

Name:  Military Officers Association of American - Cape Canaveral Chapter

Open to all descendants of currently serving or retired/deceased military members

Junior & senior class members who are residents of Brevard County, FL


Amount:  $2,000

Deadline:  February 28, 2020

Major: All

Name: Niche "No Essay" College Scholarship 


Amount: $1,500.

Deadline: March 20, 2020

Major: Multiple.

Eligibility: Students of Natural Science and related fields.

Name: Florida Vegetation Management Association Scholarship.


Amount: $1,000 per year.

Deadline: Open.

Major: Varies.

Eligibility: Residents of Pinellas County.

Name: College Fund of Pinellas County Inc.


Amount: Various

Deadline: Various

Major: All

Name: Sallie Mae Scholarship Opportunities


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Major: All

Eligibility: Certain military affiliated students

Name: Florida Advisory Council Military Education


Amount: $2000

Deadline: March 8, 2020

Major: All

Eligibility: St. Johns County Resident

Name: American Association of University Women Jean Luoma and Diane Boyce Scholarships


Amount $3000-$5000

Deadline: March 24, 2020

Eligibility: Rising Juniors and Seniors

Name: The Frank and Ellen Daveler Entrepreneurship Program



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Financial Aid

Current and accepted students, log on to your personal Financial Aid page: Here

All student employment positions will be posted at

Continuing Students can apply online for Flagler Scholarships during the month of February each year. The Deadline to submit a scholarship application is 12:00 midnight, March 1. All continuing students are notified via Flagler E-mail.
New Freshmen do not have to complete an application for Freshman Scholarships. Freshman Scholarships will be determined by committee and all freshmen will be considered based on their qualifications and the scholarship requirements.

If you do not enroll or withdraw from school during a semester or during summer school, you may be entitled to a total or partial refund of charges paid to Flagler College.

When a refund is made, it is likely your financial aid will be impacted.

Helpful Information

How to apply for Need-Based Aid? How to apply for Non-Need Based Aid?

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The Office of Financial Aid determines your eligibility for aid and will notify you with a formal award letter.

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If you are receiving federal financial aid, our offices will review your academic records at the conclusion of each term.

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To receive financial aid, you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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If you are enrolled in a Flagler College approved study abroad program, you may be eligible for Title IV federal financial aid programs and some state financial aid programs.

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Some armed service veterans and their dependents are eligible to receive Veterans Administration educational benefits.

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