Payment Information


  • Login with your email username and password
  • Click on the third TAB— “Students”
  • Click on the red “Business Services” BUTTON
  • Under “CASHNet My Account Info”, Click on: Payments/Invoices/Parent PINS


Fall 2021 Student Account balances are due August 1, 2021.

Enrollment in the Online 5-Month Payment Plan continues to be available.

Fall 2021 Statements were viewable online beginning June 15, 2021. Please follow the steps under “Payment Information” (above) to access your account.  If you have financial aid that has not been updated and viewable on your “Activity Details”, please log in to the financial aid portal,, and check “Accept Awards” and “Documents” to make sure that you do not have pending aid or outstanding documents.

If you have questions about your Financial Aid, email If you have any questions about your statement, the Fall 2021 Payment Plan, or Health Insurance, please contact

Flagler College mandatory Health Insurance Options

All full-time undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits are required to have adequate health insurance while attending Flagler College. Flagler College provides an annual student health insurance plan through United Healthcare, which is required for all students who do not have alternate coverage. Note:  All International students are required to Enroll in the Flagler College mandatory Health Insurance plan.

To Waive:  (by the September 15, 2021 deadline)

  • Click on: the First Risk Advisors website.
  • Scroll down on the text to click on the blue bar “Waive Now”
  • Complete the requested information
  • Look for the accepted confirmation email from First Risk Advisors
  • Monitor your Flagler College online payment site—click on “Activity Details” within 2 to 3 business days to view the removal of the $1,678.00 charge.

To Enroll in the Flagler College First Risk Advisors Health Insurance for 2020-21 with coverage from August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2022.

  • Click on:
  • If the student finds it necessary to retrieve their Health insurance ID card prior to September 15, 2021, on the left side list, under “Student Tools”, Click on:  “My Account”—click on “Create your My Account”—once created, look for “New ID Card”
  • If the student does not “Create your My Account”, the student will automatically be enrolled in the First Risk Advisors policy following the September 15, 2021 deadline date.


Follow the steps above to access your CASHNet account. There you will see the option to select your refund preference. Refunds are processed more quickly through e-Refund, so students are encouraged to provide their banking information for direct deposit. Once enrollment is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to your Flagler email. Return to the website if you do not receive the confirmation email. If you wish to make any changes, return to the Payment site and click on “Edit” in the eRefund section.

Authorized Payer Only:

  • An “Authorized Payer” is a payer other than the student (access must be created by the student ONLY)
  • Click on the Red Authorized Payer button below, authorize payer must enter PIN and password (as assigned by the student)

Authorized Payer Here

How to Register for Classes

Have questions about how to register for classes? Follow this quick tutorial to learn about our registration process. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at


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CARE (Campus Assessment, Referral and Evaluation) exists as a proactive, multi-disciplinary program in support of the safety, health, and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff.